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Joan walks through the mall on a Saturday afternoon,Jeep Jeans, passing people pushing strollers with babies and toddlers; so cute. And deep inside her heart feels as if it's breaking. Joan has been trying to become a mother for 3 years with no success. She wonders about her future plans. Are they just dreams, never to become reality?
Fertility is a major concern for many American couples. The ability to have a child should be a natural process, arrived at without much effort. And yet, too often, this is not the case. The factors that affect fertility are myriad, however, infertility is heartbreaking to those involved. And the question of what to do about it is a difficult one for many people.
Often, couples today wait until they are more financially secure, have achieved a certain career status or have had a chance to travel before making a commitment to starting a family. And those choices do indeed affect the ability to conceive. Infertility increases with age, from 4% for teens to over 21% for those over the age of 35. In our society, the average age of a couple attempting pregnancy has risen over the last few decades.
One of the major factors for the inability to conceive is stress. Both men and women are affected negatively by the level of stress in their lives. Add infertility to the modern life style and the stress multiplies. This creates a vicious cycle of stress leading to infertility leading stress leading to further infertility. Mary Beth sought acupuncture treatment for infertility. She had tried to conceive for more than 2 years with no success. Her lifestyle was hectic, a busy job ,an ill mother, and a husband. She was constantly on the go with stress that showed up in anxiety, sleep disturbances and acid reflux. After 3 months of acupuncture treatment she slept well and was able to go about her day without the nagging symptoms. Two months after that she had a positive pregnancy test and is now the proud mother of Tim, age 1.
There are many options for increasing the chances of conception. The first is to look seriously at the couple's lifestyle and level of determination for becoming parents. In order to maximize the opportunity for pregnancy lifestyle changes may need to be implemented. So, the first question to ask is, "Are you willing to make these changes to enhance fertility?"
Awareness is the main key to success. Pay attention to your body. It is very wise and gives many signals when something is not quite right. Notice how your body reacts to what's happening in your life. Are you tired in the morning, are you especially cranky at one time of day, do you have bursts of energy followed by flat times? Keeping a journal of how you feel and what's happening at those times may lead to important clues as to what your body needs to function at optimum levels. For example, Jesse often had headaches and was cranky after lunch. He kept a log of his day, noting times of feeling good and poorly. The connection between lunch and headaches became apparent after a couple of weeks. He realized that his high carb lunch, often high in dairy was a factor. He shifted his diet and the headaches dissipated. His energy level rose and he felt more energized. This relieved stress on his body and he felt physically and mentally stronger. A good omen for conception.
Nutrition is one of the major factors. As the American diet has changed to include more processed, fast foods and junk food, infertility has increased. A diet with adequate nutrition will enhance both partners' potential for fertility. The amount of information on nutrition that is available can be overwhelming. Consulting a nutritionist is a good first step on the fertility trail. However, the willingness to make the necessary changes is paramount. Janet ate a lot of fast foods, they were quick and convenient. Her weight had been creeping up and she was concerned about becoming pregnant when she was already quite overweight. She consulted a nutritionist who designed a lower fat eating plan. However, Janet didn't choose to take the time to prepare meals and continued to eat fast food. Her unwillingness to change did not enhance the possibility of becoming pregnant.
Exercise also plays a significant role in fertility. Often an adjustment in exercise routine is needed. One or both partners may need to increase exercise to enhance overall well being. However, don't discount the possibility that too much exercise is as bad as too little. Overexercise uses resources that the body needs to create the correct environment for maximum fertility. Notice how you feel after exercise and at other times of the day. Do you feel better on days you exercise more or less?
Relationship building is another avenue to explore. How solid is the couple's relationship? The mind body connection is strong and any reluctance to commit wholeheartedly to this relationship can interfere with the body's ability to conceive. This is true for both men and women. Talk to your spouse or a counselor about any concerns you might have about increasing your family or about the relationship itself. Happy parents are important to a happy child.
Daily relaxation is equally important. Our hectic lives don't easily allow for the possibility of relaxation. Yet, this is extremely important in the body's ability to be balanced. On the go constantly without the time, committed time, to regroup and enhance resources will lower fertility. Set aside time each day for some relaxation routine. This can be sitting meditation, a walk in nature, whatever works for you to create a sense of calm emotional space. Sharon kept a hectic pace with a high stress job, a tough daily exercise routine and volunteering with the local hospital. She didn't think she had time for relaxation, just couldn't shoe-horn it into her daily schedule. When she realized the importance of relaxation to her level of fertility, Sharon began to make time. She noticed that she didn't become as easily upset and that her breathing was easier, none of the chest tightness she had had. Just 20 minutes a day allowed her to go through the rest of her day smiling. Now she smiles at Rachel, 4 months old.
An energetic practice such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi or yoga can help with overall well being and balance. Consider this as another possibility for enhanced fertility. These practices often lead to a greater sense of personal peace as well as energetic balance, both beneficial for the almost expectant parents.
Likewise, look at your spiritual practice. This is often not seen as very important in modern life. We tend to look at our "To Do" lists with an eye to checking off accomplishments. When a person looks at his or her reason for being, it often dovetails with the reason for creating new life. Experience something outside yourself, enhance your awareness of the gifts of nature or of a divine presence. A sense of belonging and partnership in creation often open new possibilities.
Of course, medical care is another important factor. If inability to conceive has been long-term, it is wise to consult a specialist in reproductive health. Finding out the physical reasons is yet another step on the path. And consider combining Western medical treatment with complementary medicine. Acupuncture, herbs and massage can enhance the chances of conception and having a healthy child.
Fertility is just one indicator of well being. Realize that support for overall wellness will enhance the possibilities for a happier, more productive life.
For us, Halloween was here. Some of the older folks were concerned about tomorrow night, which was really Halloween night. We had been told, "Tomorrow night you are not leaving this house." The story was the same with all of us. There was a conspiracy among the older folks. They had it in their heads to spoil our tricking, but our plans were already made, and we had taken what our folks had said into account. We would do our tricking on this night, the night before Halloween and forget about the treats of tomorrow night.Our plan was for all of us to get out of the house as quickly as we could after supper. If your folks raised suspicions, then you were to sneak out before supper. After all, what is a meal missed when the fun of Halloween was about to begin?
Just before supper, Wizzer gave our signal then hollered for me from outside the kitchen door just like we had planned. Mom never could say no to Wizzer. I had never told Wizzer about this, but one day I had heard Mom say that she felt sorry for him, what with him being a change of life baby and all. It wasn't my intent to spy on her. This particular conversation was overheard at one of her gabfests with her friend Julia. I was only trying to do what I had been trying to do with no luck at all for as long as I could remember. Namely, it was to see Mrs. Wetzel sleeping and doing something that took some watching and being careful. Just now, they was pitting and peeling peaches and getting them ready for canning.

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