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How do we have freedom of mind and learn to attract abundance?
There are tools, when put into consistent use, which can enable you to allow yourself to experience more of the wealth, health and happiness that is your natural birthright. With deliberate thought and effort, whatever you desire you can achieve..It's all about attracting what you want and not focusing on what you don't want, and it is within your power to do this.
If you are not achieving what you want in life, it is because you are offering a vibration or sending an energy that is different from the vibration of success or abundance. You cannot feel poor, vibrate poor and succeed. The attention to lack brings more. Like attracts like.
So, if you are thinking I can't pay my bills, I can't send my kids to college, I can't buy my Manolo Blanick shoes etc the universe will indeed give that to you. It's the law of attraction.. Thought is energy and lays the groundwork for what's to come, and the universe obliges..
Remember, you are a living magnet.. what you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts. If you are concentrating on the absence of something you want, you must find a way to feel the essence of it, even before it comes, or it cannot come..You must find a way to experience how it feels when your goals are realized, even before they have happened. "When you are willing to offer the vibration of abundance prior to the manifestation then abundance can come" This is a process which can have amazing results.
When you are able to visualize something you want... love what you see, experience it fully with all senses and this will help you attract it to yourself..
Here's a short technique that may help you relax and think positively: Think about something in your life that's bothering you... take your hands and put them up to your forehead and hold them there lightly and close your eyes.. Take a deep breath and relax.
Think of what you would like to attract in your life whether it's money, relationship, health etc and be specific and in present tense as if you had it right now. Love what you see....
For example: I have a brand new silver hybrid car and I am enjoying it so much... and saving hundreds of dollars on gas. Experience yourself having the key, turning the key in the ignition and driving the car. .. Enjoy the new car smell.. and feel really good..
Try this technique daily on various goals in your life.. little or big and enjoy! Remember, determination and practice gives you the resolve to keep going and to manifest your dreams. Abundance starts today, right now.
"The state of your life is nothing more than the reflection of your state of mind"
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