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t last September, Beijing Hyundai Motor vehicle product and bargains making and sales both wreck through 60000, respectively 62250 and 60870, sales sequentially grew 20% [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an boost of 176%, the highest the highest level since Beijing Hyundai vegetation creation and sales records. Not only that, since entering Since 2009, Beijing Hyundai sold in 1,2 month more than 30,000 vehicles, based on the March break the success of 40000, in April proceeded to win over 50,000, 5 to August remained at 4 10000 and 50000 levels, and in September anew Mogao 60000. Sales among a year to accomplish "treble bound" had been in the manufacture popular "modern speed" Beijing has once again been given a new averaging in modern, agreeable in 2009 a new circular of growth in China's car market, was especially eye-catching brand .
A element of "happiness and deed + Elantra" combination is still the guiding prototype of modern Beijing, in September a aggregate of two cars contributed 40000, of which 24094 Yue shaking record in sales of the prototype since 2008 4 On a new tall since listing. The medium cried "re-energized" in Accent, emulating the August break through 7, 1000, after September once again achieved a discovery 8 1000 8006, showing a steady increase in momentum. September new automobile i30 has fair been listed in less than 1 month to approach 3223 sales, the elementary realization of the Beijing Hyundai i30 a month on sales of nigh 3500 is expected to initially be recognized at users. Prior to the listing in August independently amplified by the Beijing Modern MOINCA name of Yu did not live up to everyone's expectations, sales of more than 5000 less than two months, not marvel some human mention the commerce name of lawful Yu-listing to permit servant motorcar market to reshuffle the cards, those long-term occupy a larger share of official automobile market likewise felt the traditional brands, "had a hard period" pressure.
China is known as "gold 9 silver 10", which especially in this year's automatic consumption policy and the longest in the history of National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday double double provocation beneath the car ahead the Spring Festival consumption boom makes the overall vehicle sales in September up high. Today, the people in the car lot to transform a elegance consumer goods, prefer than an epoch of affordable consumer alternative because numerous momentous reasons for the car. Beijing Hyundai in the industry known dignity as cost-effective, merely also in the A-class cars that cover the vast majority of home cars consumer product areas, are especially expert at Beijing Hyundai [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Elantra, Yuet move, Accent is the moment of all market segments the leadership vehicle.
For the good rendition since 2009, Beijing Hyundai, administrative vice president of Feng think that with the Hyundai Motor Group and always of its abroad factories and joint adventures over the quondam decade consistently appliance "quality management", Beijing Hyundai actually grasp [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], often grasping products quality and perennial correction of customer satisfaction exertions are inseparable, and as Beijing Hyundai's holdings apt mushroom every daytime, the old customers apt buy and word of mouth recommendation, to purchase double the proportion gradually additional, suggesting that Beijing Hyundai's mark recognition namely ever increasing. Thus, afterward a few years antecedent the product quality namely no based aboard abatement, quick to enter and preoccupy the mall speedily accustom and introduce fashionable products ashore the growth of Beijing Hyundai in 2009 ought not be startled.
Learned from the inside, in the premier 9 months of this year, Beijing Hyundai sales triple jump record high, when the growth rate of profit is also very impressive, and even distant more than sales growth. Being bathed in the 60th anniversary of founding of new China Daqing delight, and in mid-October will usher in plant 7 year annual in October of the Beijing Hyundai is a elated accident naturally repeatedly, is no mistrust that all vehicle manufacturers in China, the most happy people. In the last remaining one quarter, Beijing Hyun

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