Puma Future Cat Art Gallery of Ont Puma Espera Whi

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Free Things To Do in Toronto, Ontario
The Group of Seven: Painting Canada's Spirit
Helen McNicoll, Impressionist Painter
Canadian Art Collection
A 3,000 square-foot area contains art collections from sub-Saharan Africa, historical African art, and a collection of figurative sculptural works from West and Central Africa dating from the 14th century and mid-20th century that was donated to the museum. Some of the pièces de resistance Included in the sub-Saharan Africa collection are shields, masks, paintings, headdresses and mother and child statues. The Oceanic collection contains over 300 boomerangs, the highlight of the collection, and 1 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych],200 works in the Australian Aboriginal art.
African and Oceanic Collection
Displayed in an area over 580,000 square feet in size, the various collections are composed of about 80,000 works. In 2002 one of the most significant acts of philanthropy occurred when Mr Ken Thomson donated his art collection and $50 million toward a capital expansion of the Gallery's facility.
Just over 50% of visitors to the Art Gallery of Ontario are local Toronto area residents and only 9% are international visitors. That's a real pity because this is one of Toronto's main cultural attractions that truly deserve a visit.
This collection is composed of over 1,400 works plus 1,000 projectile points (on display) covering more than 11,000 years of history and 500 Inuit Art works on display in the Inuit Visible Storage Gallery. The strength of this collection lies in the Thomson Collection of Canadian Paintings and First Nations Objects.This collection focuses on First Nations art (dating before they came into contact with Europeans) to the early 1900s and paintings from the mid 1800s to the 1970s. It also features monographic installations of Lawren Harris, Cornelius Krieghoff, William Kurelek, David Milne, James Wilson Morrice and Tom Thomson.
Originally called the Art Museum of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario, known locally as the AGO, is one of the largest art museums in North America. Founded in 1900 by private citizens, it did not originally have an official home until the donation of the Grange. Until then exhibitions took place in the OSA gallery and the Toronto Reference Library.
The Art Gallery of Ontario has eight collections: African and Oceanic [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Canadian, Contemporary, European, Multimedia [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Photography, Prints and Drawings, The Thomson Collection.
One of the most important private collections of Canadian art was in the hands of Ken Thomson before his generous donation to the Art Gallery of Ontario. The Canadian collection is divided into three categories
The Grange was originally a privately owned estate which became an art museum after owner Harriet E. M. Boulton Smith bequeathed the property in 1909. On 1 January 1911 the Grange was vested in the Art Museum of Toronto. The Grange land became available as public park space but the formal opening of the Grange didn't take place until 1913. Plans for the galleries were first submitted in 1912, then further plans in 1914 and 1916 with the final cost of the project estimating at over $85,000. The building was completed in 1921 but further plans to open new galleries continued throughout the years.
The Sir Edmund Walker Memorial Court was opened in 1929. In 1935, thanks to federal and provincial grants and a donation from the T. Eaton Company, the west gallery was inaugurated and aptly named Margaret Eaton Gallery as a memorial to Mrs. Timothy Eaton. While in 1938 the E.R. Wood Gallery was made possible thanks to a $22,500 gift from Toronto financier Edward Rogers Wood but in 1971 the E.R. Wood name was transferred to the long gallery.

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