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PostWysłany: Czw 7:48, 17 Mar 2011    Temat postu: Samsung-LN46A550-LCD-HDTV

Samsung LN46A550 LCD HDTV
User-friendly and a certified eye candy--two reasons why this TV set is an excellent choice.
Save for some minor slips like images on shown on the set that抯 lacking detail and user抯 manual isn抰 completely helpful, the Samsung LN46A550 is almost a complete package. It is easy to see that this TV is almost perfect.
First up is an image test. We scouted nine 46- and 47-inch high definition sets .And among these; it is the one from Samsung that got attention. This set particularly got a high rating for its Blu-ray discs. The set makes pictures look like they抳e come straight from 35mm print as shown when we viewed Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Vizio抯 VO47LF and the Syntax-Brillian抯 Olevia 747i followed the ratings of the Samsung.
Speaking of audio,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the TV抯 audio system isn抰 primed for high-end sound experience. But if you抮e in for talk and regular shows, then the set抯 audio will just be fine and you can omit the surround sound stereo. However, if you prefer to listen to deafening sounds of your movies, an external gadget can easily be used to improve the sound quality.
Yes, this TV is easy to use. It has an icon-based on-screen menu that can be understood easily. Need help? Then there抯 an explanation about the menu as well. When you need to check up on options for the current input, all you need to do is to access the separate tools button on the remote control.
This works just like your pc抯 mouse. There抯 more; when you need to play a connected device,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the easy-to-use LN46A550 instantly switches the input to that source. A major feature of the Samsung is the convenience factor. Much of the controls that need to be used can be used automatically, without the need of a few extra steps.
One of the only problems that you will find involves the remote control. It has backlit buttons that are large enough to be viewed by almost everyone, however if you like the picture in picture option and use it frequently,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you will have to go through the menu option each time, there are no buttons assigned to it. Another issue with the remote is that you cannot use it to control other electronics such as a VCR because there is no way to program it.
With large and easy to see buttons, you抎 think that the remote control is perfect. Not quite. Missing is a helpful PiP button for your easy access to Picture-in-Picture. Also, that ratio button is mislabeled. Who will immediately know what a P-Size is? Playing your devices like DVD will be tasking as well since it isn抰 programmable. Well you can still play these devices if you want to, granted that you use the brand抯 proprietary Anynet technology. The HDMI 憇 Consumer Electronics Control channel will make it possible.
The set-up guide and bilingual manual is supposed to facilitate that easy set-up. But the opposite happens. The guide is difficult to comprehend for the non-techie person and the manual is long and too complicated. While the price of some flat screen TV抯 are too high due to a bad product, the Samsung offers enough options to justify the price.
So why is the LN46A550 such a good buy at $1500? That抯 because of its features. Its USB port is helpful when you view pictures and listen to music. On the side of the set are the easy-to-access HDMI, S-Video and the USB. Want to change the angle of the set for viewing pleasure? Then you can do that as well, as the set can swivel on its stand. Reasons such as these help make the set a well-rounded HDTV and a winner.
Word Count 627The exclusionThe head teacher wrote to the parents of R and F telling them that neither R nor F could come back to school, but that they would be given help in completing their course at home. He should, of course, have told the parents immediately, ideally by telephone followed by a letter, of their right to make representations to the governing body.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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