Wholesale NFL Jerseys Fenway Park Seating Chart

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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Bleacher Seats
A. Includes sections 34-43
B. There are around 50 rows in the bleachers depending on the section
C. Rating: 2 Stars
If your looking to keep things cheap, than the bleachers are for you. As with most ballparks these partitions attempt the fewest preferable view, and you don't obtain a activity along play birds eye view. But you'll be able to indulge in a few extra brews with the accessory bucks you'll save.
II. Right Field Boxes
A. Includes sections 1A - 7 and 87-97
B. There are 12-30 rows relying on the section
C. Rating: 3 Stars
These seats are located down the right field line and give fans a decent view. These seats are generally cheaper than ones located closer to the bases. Furthermore these seats get a lot of foul balls so bring a baseball mitten.
III. Grand Stand
A. Includes sections 1-33
B. There are 15-20 rows depending on the section
C. Rating: 3 Stars
The grandstand is located just above the Loge Boxes and stretches all the way nigh the playing field. There are some obstructions due to patronize poles that hold up the upper deck sections,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but are seldom in line with impeding the home panel view.
IV. Roof Boxes
A. Includes sections 1-43 and 2-20
B. There are 5 rows
C. Rating: 3.5 Stars
The Roof Boxes are located above the Loge Boxes. These seats invest a birds eye view of the entire field.
V. Green Monster
A. Includes sections 1-10
B. There are 3 rows
C. Rating: 3.5 Stars
The Green Monster speaks as itself. These seats are limited and tin be pricey. The seats are situated in left field and the outlook is chaste. Also, you'll be proficient apt acquaint folk that you sat atop the Green Monster.
VI. Loge Box
A. Includes sections 98-165
B. There are 12 rows
C. Rating: 4 Stars
The Loge boxes are great seats. They don't price as much for field boxes but give you a near view of the field. Also, there are not obstructions in the Loge Boxes.
VII. 406. Club
A. Located backward and on home plate
B. Accommodates several Fans
C. Rating: 4.5 Stars
The 406. Club is a semi-private club which includes personal bar,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cinema seating, and fine dining. It is a more upscale experience and there is a wear code. Tickets to this club can be pricey but the experience is unforgettable.
VIII. Field Box
A. Includes Sections 1-82 and 9-70
B. There are 12 rows
C. Rating: 5 Stars
The field boxes are the best seats in the house. The Red Sox dugout sits in front of sections 22-28. The visitors dugout sits in front of sections 61-68. These seats are the most priceless merely whether you ambition to see the color of the athletes eyes, than these seats are it.
Other Notable information:
* Children 2 and under do no need a stamp for recognition.
* Handicapped seating is located throughout the park.
* Alcohol-free Family sections are located in the Grandstands, sections 32 and 33.
* Some areas of Fen path Park have covered seating. All Grandstand sections and the infield Roof Boxes are covered.
* There are 2 Levels of seating at Fenway Park. The first level contains the Field Boxes, Loge Boxes, and Grandstand sections. The second level contains the Roof Boxes, Press Box, .406 Club, and Upper Suites.
* Upper suites are located onward the right and left field lines aboard the Roof Box class, and these apartments accommodate 20 people and contain a television, personal toilet, customized menu and private waiter.
* L-13 Suites are located on the lower suite level behind Grandstand sections 28 and 29. These suites accommodates 30 people and includes televisions, a personal restroom, customized menu and personal attendant.
* Seat mathematics escape right to left in always sections.
Gary Ketchum
CEO TicketAmerica.com

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