A Look at MaxShield, Kleenguard, and Tyvek Protect

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Contrary to what many consumers believe, disposable protective garments such as protective pants, shirts, and coveralls are available in many different varieties. All three have different characteristics that make them ideal for almost any industry and situation. To help you decide which type is best for you, here are three types of safety apparel for you to choose from.
Kleenguard Protective Garments
Made of abrasion-resistant polypropylene similar to regular cotton fabric, Kleenguard coveralls are commonly seen in maintenance and manufacturing industries, aerospace, pharmaceutical research, and areas with fine particle contamination. They are constructed with a highly breathable triple layer of material that provides the wearer with splash and particulate protection.
It has a seamless front with a zipper cover in the front and an elastic back. The entire suit is made with a special design to resist tearing. Its material is antistatic for comfort and to reduce the electricity and cling that makes them difficult to work with. They come in a straight suit, or elastic wrists, ankles, boot covers, and a hood.
MaxShield Coveralls
Very similar to Tyvek, MaxShield protective garments are made from micro porous polyethylene layers bonded together. The exterior film gives the suits their strength and protective qualities the interior substrate makes is soft and comfortable. It is resistant against liquid splash and particulate matter, weighs just slightly less than a half ounce more per yard, and is considerably thicker than its safety counterpart is. It has less tear resistance lengthwise than Tyvek, but is stronger widthwise as well as with a pre existing hole. It has additional cloth in the bottom area of the torso portion to make it more comfortable to wear.
Tyvek Suits, Protective Pants, And Shirts
Tyvek protective pants and other apparel are seen throughout many different industries including mining, agriculture, lead and asbestos cleanup, and automotive. They are available in coveralls, shoe covers, coats, aprons, and several other forms to give consumers the chance to customize their safety apparel.
This apparel is constructed of a single layer of high-density polyethylene. Its unique material releases sweat and heat while preventing substances from entering into the suit to keep the wearer cool, comfortable, and safe. Bloodborne pathogens, dry particulates, aerosols, and paint are just a few of the substances this material is able to repel. Its superior tear resistant material makes these suits strong enough to reuse them while keeping them cost effective enough to throw away.
All three of these brands can be recycled to ease the effects on the environment as well as the public's pocket book. Gently used items are collected before going through rigorous cleaning and refurbishing. These items are then tested to be sure they are just as safe if not better than new versions.
Whether you choose MaxShield protective garments, Kleenguard, or Tyvek protective pants, you can feel confident that you will be safe and comfortable. Each of these brands shines in their own way to make them a great alternative to disposable apparel.
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