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We walk in this world and we meet several people.
The first person I met this morning after waking was Boredom who started griping --"How long do I have to repeat the same schedule?"
I cast the ugly thought away and was all set to get out of bed when Lethargy prompted...sleep a little longer?
She continued "The weather is so cold, you have been waking so early nowadays...all work and no rest makes Jack a dull boy..."
As I listened, I dozed off...to wake up with a jolt a good 30 minutes later!
Oh no,juicy bracelet, I was already running late and there was just enough time...I could not find my shoes now!
I did not realize that Anger had stepped in and caught me unawares! Long story short, I had ruffled some feathers by now and was looking to hide myself somewhere! I felt upset that I could not keep my calm...but it was too late. Grief had struck me quite hard! I started to sob and then Condemnation arrived and tried to shake hands with me but thank GOD, I had sense not to let him in.
As I sobbed, I remembered my only friend whom I felt so safe with. I felt such a longing for Him for He was always kind and sensitive and understanding. He always knew what I needed and was so quick to help! Oh, how could I have forgotten? I quickly called out -"GOD? Are you there?"
And He responded "Of course, my child - I was with you while it all happened...can you not see what you have allowed?" And I asked "What Lord, have I allowed?"
He said "You let yourself get lazy, impatient, angry and sad...in all this you lost focus. But the moment you connected with me, Peace returned...what did you learn from this?"
I: "That I should be careful not to allow all these foes of mine to distract me and keep me away from you!"
GOD: "That's RIGHT! I am the Only One whom you can trust to revive you and bring the smile back Smile If not for me, there would be no laughter or sunrise! I am the One who makes the whole world go round...can you see?"
I: "Yes, my dear Daddy, I see, how much it helps me to come to you and trust you with all that is troubling me. I see how your Hand works wonders in my life. I see how good and caring you are and that's why you are my BEST friend...from now on, we are always going to go hand in hand. If somebody tries to get inside, please help me to realize and help me to knock him OUT! I need you and you alone, bless me Daddy with focus and resolve. I need you to set my life in place, I need you to fulfill all my dreams...I need you desperately to sort all things out!! I am glad you are there to help!"
GOD (smiling from ear to ear): "Of course, here I am! All yours!!"
For us, Halloween was here. Some of the older folks were concerned about tomorrow night, which was really Halloween night. We had been told, "Tomorrow night you are not leaving this house." The story was the same with all of us. There was a conspiracy among the older folks. They had it in their heads to spoil our tricking, but our plans were already made, and we had taken what our folks had said into account. We would do our tricking on this night, the night before Halloween and forget about the treats of tomorrow night.Our plan was for all of us to get out of the house as quickly as we could after supper. If your folks raised suspicions, then you were to sneak out before supper. After all, what is a meal missed when the fun of Halloween was about to begin?
Just before supper, Wizzer gave our signal then hollered for me from outside the kitchen door just like we had planned. Mom never could say no to Wizzer. I had never told Wizzer about this, but one day I had heard Mom say that she felt sorry for him, what with him being a change of life baby and all. It wasn't my intent to spy on her. This particular conversation was overheard at one of her gabfests with her friend Julia. I was only trying to do what I had been trying to do with no luck at all for as long as I could remember. Namely, it was to see Mrs. Wetzel sleeping and doing something that took some watching and being careful. Just now, they was pitting and peeling peaches and getting them ready for canning.

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