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The case statement, too understood as the case for support, is the center of a non-profit organization, and of any variety of fundraising. An telling case statement, says Jerry Panas in Making the Case (2003), catches a person and never lets go.
Types of Case Statements
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Craft a Role for the Donor with the Case Statement
The case statement should be the crystal-clear skylight through which prospects see how they fit into the bigger picture.
In Seeing through a Donor’s Eyes (2009), Tom Ahern contours four types of cases:
The case statement may or may no be brilliantly jotted, but to do its job [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it must be compelling and remove. If one organization does its case prose internally, it's advisable as the writer to take off her hat as a staff person and forget everything she knows. Ahern phones this agreeable the designated stranger. Ask entire the obvious answers to get the questions that ambition make sense to prospects and contributors.
For the public case, there are two basic goals. The premier is simply for it to be read. Make it amusing and legible. A sorrowful reality about most non-profit communications is that they are gray [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], drab, uninviting happenings, says Ken Burnett in The Zen of Fundraising (2006). Avoid pompous organization-speak, Burnett impulses. Let the enthusiasm come through.
The interior case, where talking points for donors and prospects are collected and stored. Its an interior source document, so it doesnt must be anything fantasy.The common case [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which has two functions: to concisely illuminate why the non-profit's task is momentous and to make clear the necessary aid of donors.The feasibility or chart case, which is the unfinished version of the public case. Fundraisers show this case to altitude prospects apt obtain their response and buy-in (and guide gifts during war calm periods). Remember the age fundraising adage ask for money and get advice; ask for counsel and get money.The public case, which maximum commonly takes the form of a well-designed printed leaflet, is accustom along fundraising staff and volunteers production private visits as well as in much broader outreach such as targeted mailings.
The second goal is for the reader to comprehend why the organization deserves her support, what her gift will achieve and what it is about this organization that makes it uniquely positioned to carry out the agree made with the case.
These 4 types of cases are really outputs by different points in the case writing process and for different fundraising uses.
Writing a case statement is a colossal organizational chance. It forces non-profits to inquire and answer the difficult questions that go further what they do to why they do it. Done right, the process triggers careful debates approximately mission and vision. And once and for all, the organization has a fashionable set of persuasive messages to be used by staff, volunteers and advocates.
The case statement (and all donor communications, for that material) should give the donor the opportunity to do the work of the non-profit organization and to receive honor for the achievements. Dont get in the direction by focusing aboard the organization. Shift the focus to the donor. With a characteristic call to deed, put the liability for achieving the goals of the project or vision ashore the shoulders of the prospects.
Write Differently to Raise More Money with Case Statements

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