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Cars was created in 1907 and is the oldest British automobile contractor namely namely still producing vehicles today.
The AC label came from the name of their premier mercantile three wheeler - the autocarrier [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which was devised and manufactured by John Weller.
In 1908, a new passenger version called the AC Sociable was introduced. The name came approximately for the passenger and drivers seat were side by side and not in tandem as many other three wheelers were at the time. It was also the first time that the initials AC had been used.
During World War 1 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], AC continued to produce vehicles as well as shells and fuses. By 1919, they were behind in full car production with 10hp and 12hp engines. These were after replaced by a 6 cylinder 16hp model.
For the afterward few years, AC rotated to producing 4 wheeled vehicles and did not produce another three wheeler until 1953 with the AC Petite. The petite was powered by a 346cc single cylinder two stroke Villiers engine and had an aluminium body nailed to a light steel frame.
The all new Ace arrived in 1953, designed by John Tojerio. The Ace secondhand the antique 1991cc AC engine.
The especial body was produced in aluminium and saw similar to present-day Ferrari models and it would also manner the foundation for the lengedary Cobra.
The AC Cobra was produced during the 1960s and is perhaps an of the most iconic cars of always time, and this was thanks to Carroll Shelby querying AC Cars to establish a car that would take a V8 engine.
The first 75 Cobra Mark I (including the prototype) were fitted with the 260 engine (4.2L). The remaining 51 Mark I model were fitted with a larger edition of the Windsor Ford engine, the 289 in (4.7L) V8.
By 1963 the leaf-spring Cobra was losing its supremacy in racing. Shelby tried fitting a larger Ford FE engine of 390 in. Ken Miles drove and raced the FE-powered Mark II and pronounced the car was virtually undrivable. A fashionable chassis was amplified and appointed Mark III.
Cobra Mark III production began ashore 1 January 1965; 2 prototypes had been sent to the United States in October 1964. Cars were sent apt the US as unpainted rolling chassis, and they were finished in Shelby's workshop.
Unfortunately, the Mark III missed homologation for the 1965 racing season and was not raced by the Shelby team. However, it was raced successfully by many privateers and went on to triumph races all the access into the 1970s.
Interestingly, 31 unsold championship cars were detuned and made road worthy and shrieked S/C because semi rivalry. Today, these are the rarest and the maximum valuable models.
AC Cobras had an vast racing vocation. Shelby wanted it to be a "Corvette Beater" and at nearly 500lb less than the Chevrolet Corvette, the lightweight car did fair that. The Cobra was perhaps too successful as a extravaganza car and reputedly endowed to the implementation of citizen speed limits in the United Kingdom. An AC Cobra Coupe was reckoned to have done 185 mph on the M1 motorway in 1964, driven at Jack Sears and Peter Bolton during shakedown tests prior to that year's Le Mans 24h marathon. However, government officials have cited the increasing accident decease rate in the early 1960s as the headmaster motivation, with the exploits of the AC Cars group only highlighting the hazard.
AC also produced the AC Frua until 1973. The AC Frua was built on a stretched Cobra 427 MK III coil spring chassis using a quite angular handsome steel body designed and built by Pietro Frua. With the demise of the Frua, AC went on architecture lesser cars and finally fell into bankruptcy in the late 1970s. The company's tooling and finally the right to use the name, were licensed by Autocraft, a Cobra parts reseller and replica car manufacturer owned by Brian Angliss.
A road-going Shelby Daytona Cobra replica is creature manufactured by Superformance and Factory Five Racing [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a well known kit car company

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