A Secret Maui Hike - The Olivine Pools_1761

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I've been around. As awe-inspiring a sight as any that I've seen in all my travels, is a place called the Olivine Pools. Located on the west coast of Maui, these naturally formed pools bubble up from a strong stormy sea. It is a remarkable place to see, a place where time seems to stand still. Named for the semi-precious gem found inside the surrounding shelves of lava and sandstone, these natural lava swimming pools are the home to many types of fish. The enchanting crystal clear water is ideal for swimming. As of now it is somewhat of a secret spot, I was there just recently with my husband. We merely had to share this place with only two other couples... who (like us) were laughing or kissing continuously. I couldn't wipe off the ear to ear grin I had on my face from the moment we arrived to this special place! Getting There
Now, as far as getting to the pools, well, the drive through the West Maui Mountains can be harrowing. Extremely narrow and curvy - this road is not for sissies. But it's all worth it when the breathtaking incredibly lush ocean views take over. I'm sorry to say that those of you with a fear of heights may need to reconsider this journey. It is very common to see passengers in passing cars that have a pained expression or nervous smile, some have either very wide open eyes or others commonly cover their eyes. Don't be surprised if you'll notice those that look like they have taken their very last breath! On the way to the pools, coming from the east, you'll pass a charming village called Kahakuloa.
You can practically smell the flowers in the village women's hair, as you drive into the sacred valley where this delightful village is tucked away. Smiling natives, dressed in colorful island wear, greet you behind their shaved ice stands. Fresh fruit smoothies and cold coconuts are offered to everyone! The hike down to the pools isn't too strenuous, depending on your pace it is around a ten or fifteen minute trek. It's important to wear comfortable shoes and have water, of course. Plus, you'll want to stop on the way down and take it all in, because the scenery here is so spectacular.
The cliffs hang dramatically over the wild mysterious ocean,ray ban sunglasses, it is truly magnificent. You can hear yourself breathing while the wind sings with the ocean in the background, alternating peaceful, then powerful. The echo of waves against the lava continues to serenade. Most memorable was when we were relaxing in the tranquil pool at one point and then suddenly the pure potent energy of the crashing ocean waves washed over the lava, cascading over us as they made waterfalls filling the pools with foam. These magical serene pools are so heavenly that it would have been a sin not to share them and to keep them selfishly to myself. Directions
Take Highway 30 from the west or Highway 340 from the east, you'll see a gravel road located just prior to Mile Marker #16. Be sure to check in with weather conditions; if it's been raining the area can be dangerous and slippery. The summer's waves and winds are unpredictable, as well. Be aware of the blow hole located near the pools, best to stay at a distance. Also, no need to put on lotions or oils they can harm the sea life.
The Olivine Pools=Paradise found!
For us, Halloween was here. Some of the older folks were concerned about tomorrow night, which was really Halloween night. We had been told, "Tomorrow night you are not leaving this house." The story was the same with all of us. There was a conspiracy among the older folks. They had it in their heads to spoil our tricking, but our plans were already made, and we had taken what our folks had said into account. We would do our tricking on this night, the night before Halloween and forget about the treats of tomorrow night.Our plan was for all of us to get out of the house as quickly as we could after supper. If your folks raised suspicions, then you were to sneak out before supper. After all, what is a meal missed when the fun of Halloween was about to begin?
Just before supper, Wizzer gave our signal then hollered for me from outside the kitchen door just like we had planned. Mom never could say no to Wizzer. I had never told Wizzer about this, but one day I had heard Mom say that she felt sorry for him, what with him being a change of life baby and all. It wasn't my intent to spy on her. This particular conversation was overheard at one of her gabfests with her friend Julia. I was only trying to do what I had been trying to do with no luck at all for as long as I could remember. Namely, it was to see Mrs. Wetzel sleeping and doing something that took some watching and being careful. Just now, they was pitting and peeling peaches and getting them ready for canning.

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