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Considered as the greatest shopping centre in Bangkok, MBK centre (Mah boon Krong) was built in 1985 by Chokchai Bulakul with 8 stories and 330 meters of length covering 89,000 square meters that houses 2000 stalls. It holds a good reputation for information technology products, electronics items, cellular phones and elegant furniture.
This enormous shopping mall was sold to the Dusit Thani Group by its first owner due to financial difficulties and now it's known as the most visited shopping destination of the country welcoming around 105,000 customers including 30,000 tourists daily. In this mega scaled shopping building one can be totally satisfied with top class shopping environment for all sorts of needs and in the same time enjoy Hollywood and Asian blockbusters with real cinematic experience in its vast cinema city. More over, like most of the shopping malls in the country, the MBK never forgets to please its customers giving the opportunity to taste world's best cuisines in any of its 150 eating establishments.
The MBK houses its shops dividing it self in to several main categories. From the 1st floor to the 3rd floor it is dedicated for Clothes, Shoes, Jewelries of worls best brands and Photo studios as well as salons. The 4th floor is categorized with communication equipments such as mobile phones and accessories, walkmans, CD and MP3 players, and other electronic articles. Both 5th and 6th floors house the international food court, and restaurants as well as souvenir shops along with a large variety of furniture. And 7th and 8th floors are the best part of the structure having the entertainment complex, containing 8 movie theatres, 28 bowling allies and karaoke with food and drinks.
The size and the millennium outlook of the MBK center has brought it up to be one of the most recognizable buildings in Bangkok and since it is situated in the centre of Bangkok and in the beginning of Sukhumvit Road, it is always the first main stay of shoppers' journey in the city.
Also it is surrounded by premier apartments and hotels such as Royal President for those who seek executive accommodation in Bangkok.
To mention another plus point of the centre, especially foreign customers are privileged to hold the "Tourist Discount Card" in order to gain a discount up to 30% of the regular price of the goods.
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